Paper Wars

The prize of the most horrid Christmas wrapper goes to myself, yes me.  

Matt and I, always have had a deal.  I do all of the shopping, and he does all of the wrapping because otherwise, he finds great amusement in my wrapping skills.

The only reason why you will find me wrapping, is because my children have become smart and found my usual hiding place.  They already have discovered a large stack of books, that I had ordered for them.

I lack patience with messing with paper.  I usually begin by cutting the wrong size, or being rough with the paper, and making a large hole.

By this time, I'm already highly annoyed.  This year, I added Christmas music to calm me, which didn't work.

So, by the time I have the correct size, I am folding and taping any which a way to get that stinking thing wrapped.  See my mad wrapping skills below.

  As you may notice, I don't take time to cut and fold, and use proper wrapping technique.  You can visibly see my high annoyance about wrapping in the first place.

After, wrapping this up, and discovering that my gift tags look like stinking Christmas tree ornaments, I'm definitely feeling like I need a glass of wine.  Which is not possible, given it's 10:30 in the morning, and I still have places to go.

Matt just called and asked why I was grumpy, and I told him again, about my hate for wrapping. He is now taking the gifts to work to wrap. So, say goodbye to the wrapping paper wars. 



  1. If you've always had the agreement that YOU shop and Matt wraps then why were you wrapping in the first place? Was that Matt's gift from you?

    1. Hide them in Matt's truck!!!!!

  2. I hate wrapping also. Yours are way better than mine. I hide so well even I can't find them

  3. I admit my mom forgot so many one year we found them into january

  4. I forget where I hid some almost every year. At least the kids never find them. :)


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