I Let My Dog Do the Wrapping

We all know how much I hate wrapping presents.  So, I had a great idea to let my dog, Izzy, do the wrapping.  As you can see, she has her nose in the place where I need to tape.  What a great helper she is....not!

This is more like it.  See, the torturous look in her eyes.  She is saying, I'm going to make you chase me.  Yes, I'm not only going to give you more problems wrapping, I'm going to steal things, to get my mom's blood boiling.  See my devilish grin, and the tape strategically placed in my mouth.  Yes, it was all a plan carefully devised to make my mom chase me.  It's all a part of her Cancun workout plan, I setup for her.  She just doesn't know about it.

P.S. from Izzy: I'm sorry I caked your face in mud before your hair appointment.  You needed a facial.




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