My Little Girl Entering Double Digits

It's is hard for me to believe, that on the 18th of this month, Faith will be 10 years old.  Time goes by so fast, and before I know it she will be moved out, with a life of her own.

I try each year to put together something in writing to remind Faith about her likes and interests of that year of her life.  I started when she was little, filling out a card, and writing a letter inside of it.  I have a stack of them now.  I will give them to her on her 18th birthday.

This year, Faith has blossomed from a little girl to a tween.  Well, in my eyes anyways.  She has made us all well aware of her opinions, and her likes, and dislikes.  She speaks out to make her opinions known, and feels no need to hide her emotions. 

Her love for animals is still strong.  She spent quite a few hours this year learning to ride a horse.  Faith also put a lot of effort into training our new puppy, after our hearts broke with the loss of our 12 year old dog, Snickers.

Faith is very interested in gymnastics right now.  She has been practicing in the house and outside.  We are planning on starting her lessons in January.

Here are the words that come to mind when I think of Faith.

My little girl, that is almost double digits.  (Big Sigh).  Where has the time gone?   



  1. Aww, cute photos, she looks like Keira in the top one.

  2. Yeah, they do look a lot alike!

  3. Even Katelyn thought it was Keira, then she asked how she got on that board.


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