The Great Escape Room in Royal Oak

Royal Oak, MI, The Great Escape Room
The Great Escape Room, Royal Oak, MI.
 Disclosure: I received something of value from The Great Escape Room. I was not required to write a positive review. Full policy here
I was given the opportunity to check out The Great Escape Room in Royal Oak, Michigan, with some other local bloggers. I was fully expecting something like the game Clue, because all I knew was I was going to be locked in the library and we had one hour to make our escape. 

So what is The Great Escape Room? It is a real-life room based on the popular genre of computer and mobile phone escape games.  After you enter into a room with up to 12 people, the door is locked behind you. We are talking it is set with a lock, so you better use the restroom beforehand. No potty breaks!  The clock is set for 60 minutes and you must find color coded clues to solve the puzzles. The game is part scavenger hunt and part puzzle.

 The above picture is of the room when we entered. As you can see there are no visible clues. Everything must be found.

Yes, I am hard at work with my mismatched socks on.  Shh, I don't think anyone noticed.

It took lots of team work, but the Michigan bloggers pulled it all together to solve the puzzles in 54 minutes. Yes, we rocked it. Only 20% of groups are able to meet the challenge and escape in time!

Would I recommend The Great Escape Room? Without a doubt! It's a ton of fun! Can you imagine being locked in a room with 12 relatives for an hour? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one. I think The Great Escape room is fantastic for birthdays (15 and up), bachelor & bachelorette parties, church groups, team building, and so much more. It forces you to communicate and to work together. All minds must be participating to be able to solve the puzzle and let me tell you this, it's great to escape.

The Great Escape Room is brand new to the area. They have other successful locations in Orlando, Miami, and Washington D.C. Each location has the same puzzle rooms, with new rooms constantly being developed. So, once you solve one room, you can go back, when a new room opens, for a whole new adventure and experience. 

Admission to The Great Escape Room is $28. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more and on weekdays. For more information you can go to or on Facebook & Twitter.



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