Cancun & Keratin Treatment

I am in beauty mode, due to my upcoming Cancun trip.  So, the first thing I decide to have done is a Keratin treatment.  I turned to my old reliable Groupon, for this.

My hair is wavy and tends to be fuzzy.  I'm always applying oils to manage the fuzz.  I thought it would be nice to be fuzz free in Cancun.  I started by calling to see if it actually straightens the hair or smooths it.

I was told that my hair would still be wavy, and it would be smooth.  No more fuzz, whoo hoo!

The process took almost 3 hours.  It was a snooze fest.  As you can see from the photo my hair turned out smooth, shiny, and fuzz free.  

I waited the two days to wash it.  I was in suspense, because I wanted to know what my hair was going to be like.  After a blow dry, I discovered, I no longer had wavy hair.  

I have decided the grass is always greener on the other side.  I've always longed for straight, smooth hair.  It's actually a lot of work.  Now, I can't just mousse and air dry.  It's a process of blow drying to get the desired effect.

The treatment gradually disappears.  I'm hoping to be back to my super low maintenance look in 12 weeks. 

I also decided, that I was only going to pack bikinis and dresses in my suitcase. This may come back to bite me in the butt.  The above picture is all of my Victoria Secret swimsuits that I'm taking.

I have been working hard to keep my weight down.  I can't wait to just pig out.  Yes, all of the hard work I've done will be over.  Until I get home anyways.   



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