Saturday, February 23, 2013

Secrets the Vine

We had a fabulous 5 days at Secrets the Vine, in Cancun.  It was our first "real" trip without the kids and at an all-inclusive resort.  I'm actually longing to go back and we've only been home for a week.

Our room was very clean and decorated modern.  The floors were a whitish wood.  The shower was encased in glass with two shower heads.  It was perfect for us because he is always hot.  It also included his and her sinks.  My only issue was the scale.  It was great for weighing my suitcase, but I really did not need to know about the amount of food I was consuming.  The door slid open to a beautiful balcony with a gorgeous view of the pools, and the Gulf of Mexico.  

The room was equipped with a mini bar with the old fashioned glass bottles.  I really enjoyed drinking Coke out of a bottle. I hate plastic.

We quickly fell into a beautiful routine here.  I miss it!  We learned that you better get your booty up early to get a cabana.  We learned this after getting fried the first few days.  Also, the great thing about Secrets is the staff would do anything for you.  You want an umbrella?  All you have to do is ask.  

We would be up and heading for the pool area by 6:30 AM, to secure our spots.  I think there are cheaters though.  I assume around 2 AM, they throw their crap on a chair and sleep in.  Yes, this should not be allowed.  But, that's the cool thing about being in Mexico, the rules are less strict about everything.  Then, I would bring Matt breakfast or we would eat something at the restaurant.  I want to give a shout out to the Market.  The frozen coffee drinks were yum.  It took me a day to discover I wasn't drinking the frozen one, but the hot ones, in a place where the humidity is 100%.  The Caribbean frozen coffee drink was heaven.  Some mornings, I had two made, but they usually melted before I could finish them.

After, my breakfast I usually would hit the beach for my shells.  The earlier the better.  There were beautiful pink conch shells, but they were illegal to bring home.

I would normally start my yummy frosty drinks as soon as the bar would open at 10 AM.  Matt would have an electric lemonade and I would have a mango tango.  

Matt loved playing volleyball everyday.  I hate volleyball with a passion so I would watch or read.  Here is a picture of Matt in action.
I did the yoga one morning.  It was fun, but I quickly decided that it was hot and I was on vacation and I should be sitting and enjoying my surroundings and drinks.  I did do a water aerobics class, which was fun, because it was too hot for the yoga.

I fell in love with the guacamole and salsa at the lunch restaurant by the pool.  So, guess where I insisted on going for lunch every day.  

We tried a different restaurant every night.  Every one of them was excellent, minus the Mediterranean place.  I was not a fan, but we had an excellent waiter that made it worth it.

We didn't do much of the night life.  We were usually worn out after dinner.

We had a few snags.  Our room was loud and we were moved to the 20th floor after complaining.  Also, the air conditioning was not working properly and our mini fridge did not keep anything cool.  We called and neither item was fixed.

Our trip was awesome, minus a few snags at the hotel.  I would stay with Secrets again.  

I wouldn't go back to the same resort, only because I love trying new places.

Thanks Secrets the Vine for giving us a wonderful five days that I will never forget.