Heart of Kindness

I find that some people (including myself) often pray for direction in life.  I often feel like I should be using my degree and working in my field.

What if success didn't matter?  Why is it so important to people, that they forget what really is important?  As we get older time seems to fly by, and before we know it our kids are grown, and we wonder where all of the time has gone.

I look at my girls, and think wow, they are going to be gone before I know it.  I am glad I have been able to stay home with them. But am I really at home with them?  Am I sitting with them, and spending quality time with them?

I was praying for direction, and I felt like I was told that my direction in life was to have a heart of kindness.  This at first made no sense to me.

What about career and goals?

Again, does it really matter?

My life has just kind of lead me one way, and then another.  I am happy being a substitute teacher, and owning my own small business.  I work with kids all day long, and feel I'm good at it.

Is it enough?

I feel it is.  I usually feel satisfied and content.  

So, how do I fill this heart of kindness?

Maybe I am, just by living my life.

I know this is an odd blog post for me, but I felt the need to write it.

Maybe, we are spending so much time focused on our careers, and being self-centered, that we aren't focusing on what is right there in front of us.

Just a thought.         



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