LiveSmart Raw Bar Review

Mom Among Chaos was excited to find these bars in our mailbox. One exciting thing about these bars is they are made in Oak Park, MI. We love to give shout outs to local Michigan companies.

We received 4 flavors to try. They were Power Fitness, Chocolate Suicide, Cranberry Pumpkin, and Original Fruit and Nut.

As you know I have been on Paleo for months now. My morning breakfast usually consists of coffee and a Larabar. I have to say I like the flavor of the LiveSmart Raw Bars better. I'm also quite happy with the ingredients on the LiveSmart Raw Bar. 

* 195 Calories per bar
*Soy Free
*Lactose Free
*No refined sugar
*Trans Fat Free
*Non GMO
*Gluten Free
*Yeast Free
*Peanut Free

The first bar I tried was Cranberry Pumpkin. I love pumpkin seeds. After reading the ingredients list I realized the bar wasn't 100% Paleo, but close. The bars included brown rice powder, but I figured that wouldn't be a big deal. I'm just on Paleo to eat healthy not because I'm allergic to anything. I was very happy with the taste and texture. It was sweet and nutty, but not too sweet.

I really like these bars. I'm proud of the fact that there is a local person making natural products without all of the processed crap in it. So, LiveSmart Bars get the thumbs up from me. These are great for the kids' lunch boxes or a quick healthy breakfast.

You can buy LiveSmart Bars online here. The 12 count case is $36, so $3.00 a bar. Mom Among Chaos has a deal for you. Use code blog2013 to receive 20% off your first order.
Or you can find a local store that sells them here.

*Disclosure: We received product samples to facilitate our review. No other compensation was given. Opinions are 100% our own.



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