Losing Your Baby to Tweenhood

Faith with Santa
I think this is going to be my hardest blog post, but I need to get this out.  We know that our child will one day grow up, but the day comes when you look at that child and say where has the time gone?  I mean she was just a baby, not a tween turning 11 next week.

Her body is not that of a child anymore.  She is changing, quite rapidly, into a girl that no longer depends on me. 

Gone are the days of loving Mommy more than anything else in the world.  Those days are passing, one day they will be back again, but probably not until her 20's.

I will never again be able to kiss a boo boo and make it better.  I usually get brushed aside.

She is now too big to hold in my lap.  She is almost taller than me and her arms are already bigger than mine.  It will be a fleeting moment in time and I will be looking up to her.
Faith & Keira 2013
She use to be my sweet child.  She still can be.  I tell her she needs to be a ruler of a country.  She is a leader by nature, but she also has a tremendous amount of compassion.

Since she was 2, she has a extreme connection with animals.  This love has never wavered at all.  The stuffed animals are now gone from her room.  We would have a house full of animals if it was left up to her.  She takes care of them, grooms them, and trains them.
Faith horse back riding.
I wish I could have one day back with my baby Faith.

Instead, I'm going to appreciate the life of my child that I've been so blessed to have the last 11 years.

Love until your heart overflows.


One day soon, you will be watching her walk down the aisle.  That part of your life is over and is starting for her.

I make mistakes all the time, but I'm doing the best darn job that I know how.  I'm sure I will make a million more, but from the bottom of my heart, I will know that my child was loved. 
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