11 Reasons Why Turning 40 Rocks

You like yourself! C'mon when you were 20 did you really know who you were? Most likely you were flitting through life wondering what bar you would hit next. You're not that person anymore. You actually like the 40 something you, versus whom you were earlier in life.

You're not afraid to be alone. In fact, you love being alone. Having time to yourself is a precious commodity. When you were 20 you would considerate it lame to be stuck home alone on a Saturday night. Your 40 year old self loves being alone. Yes, you take a nice hot bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, and curl up with a nice book.

Saying no is now easy. Back in the day you could never turn a friend down, even if it meant giving up an entire weekend to help that person move. Now, I have no problem using the word no. I actually foresee that I will be using that word more and more often through my 40's. The free time that I have is a gift and will be used wisely.

You're able to remove weeds! Now, I'm not talking about going outside and pulling flowers. I'm talking about removing things from your life that bring you down. You cannot grow and blossom as a person if you have a garden full of weeds. Get rid of any weeds, so your garden may flourish.

You choose your food wisely. You no longer consider a bag of chips and a Mountain Dew proper nutrition. You care about taking care of your body long term. Heck, you've even decided to eat your veggies. Kale is now your friend.

Money, you've learned, isn't everything. Back in my early 20's I had a job at a law firm that I really did enjoy. I left it to double my income. I did do that, plus some, but I wasn't happy. I had more money than I knew what to do with, but I soon learned that there isn't a price on happiness. Follow your heart, not your need to go shopping. Trust me, I love shopping, but it will not make you happy. By 40 you usually have this figured out.

Gone are the days of rocking 4 inch heels that you nearly kill yourself in. Yes, you looked smoking hot, but now you prefer comfort over breaking a bone. You can still look pretty amazing in your almost daily yoga pants and ponytail.

The baby days are over. I'm not saying for everyone, there are lots of people just now having their first child, which is totally amazing. I am personally glad to be done with this phase of my life. Yes, my kids still need me, but I get my beauty sleep and usually have a little time daily for me. Gone are the days of no sleep and feeding them every few hours.

You wouldn't pay to relive your 20's. Seriously, if you could go back and relive your earlier years, would you? My answer would be a big fat no. I am content, but that does not mean I'm not growing. Those are two very different things. If you're not happy, your 40 year old self should know how to confidently make changes.

When you turn 40 you can visit the hairdresser more often. After about a month I start seeing glitter (gray hair) peek through. Yes, the technical term should be glitter, because you've earned your sparkle. That glitter just means you get to get your hair done a little more often. Gone are the days where you ended up with orange strands or bad haircuts that you decided were mandatory to do on yourself.

You no longer allow yourself to walk in Forever 21. You have moved past the half shirts and butt crack pants. You're much more sophisticated. You have now moved up to much classier shops. Yes, Express and Kohl's now have a place in your ever expanding wardrobe.

I don't turn 40 until September, but as you can see I'm mentally preparing myself for the big day. I will of course be on a beach somewhere, have my hunky hubby with me, and have a fruity cocktail in my hand. Yes, this will be life at 40!



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