Run or Dye 2014 Review

Team Mom Among Chaos
Stephanie and I had the opportunity to attend Run or Dye when it came into town a few weeks ago.  I will have to admit that I was kind of nervous since I have never run a 5K.  Last year, after an injury, I decided that running wasn't my thing.  I have never really enjoyed it, but do it anyways as a challenge.  After attending physical therapy I discovered that I have arthritis in my knees.  I decided to take a gentler approach to my body.  I was going to run/walk.

We had enough tickets to bring our girls.  Our girls are growing so quickly.  Stephanie and I have two sets of girls that are within a week apart in age.
Mom Among Chaos
We arrived pretty early, so we ended up in the second heat.  The DJ totally gets your pumped by playing great music and throwing dye out into the crowd.  The crowd was in full party mode.  Lots of people dressed in all kinds of fun outfits.
Mom Among Chaos

The girls had a blast running through each of the color stations.  They really sped us up when one was close.  It went by really fast.  We did a little walking and a little running.  We completed our 5K in under 45 minutes.
Check out how much fun the run is in this official video.

After the run was finished, we decided to get down with the DJ in the Dye the Sky after party.  We had so much fun dancing with our kids. 

Would I recommend Run or Dye?  Yes, I would.  It was so much fun and a great way to have fun with the kids.  My daughter stated it was "awesome".

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Review by, Crystal Wachoski



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