Seasonal Depression Disorder Treatment

seasonal depression disorder treatment, sad, depression,
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Do you suffer from seasonal depression disorder? I do, and this year I finally got it under control! Find out my seasonal depression disorder treatment but always consult a Doctor first!

Seasonal Depression Disorder Treatment

seasonal depression disorder treatment, seasonal depression disorder treatment, sad, depression,
I think it took me a long to realize that I had seasonal depression. The winter months in Michigan are rough, and if you're not getting enough sun, crazy things can happen to your body.

Usually, in January I would start finding myself weepy, and it would progressively continue until I would find myself in the sun in Florida in April.

The winter months are hard enough without having to deal with depression on top of it.

I'm in love with the Vita fusion vitamin D3 vitamins. I take two every morning. They taste amazing and after a month of taking them my weepy winter days are over.

  • These won the award for best tasting vitamin!
  • Supports your bone health and immunes system.
  • Known as the sunshine vitamin!
  • Also, ideal for kids.
  • The taste is fantastic!
These are ideal for the whole family. So many people are deficient in vitamin D3. This will help you feel better! It may take awhile!

Order your happiness in a bottle here!

This Verilux HappyLight has improved my seasonal depression combined with the D3 vitamin. I usually turn it on in the morning and leave it on until lunch time. You only need to use it 15-30 minutes a day. When I go turn it off, it does feel a little warm to the touch.

I had a different happy light, but I prefer this one because it's a more natural light and doesn't hurt my eyes.

  • The light is portable.
  • It's compact and will fit on your desk.
  • I have more energy from the light and found my naps have stopped.
  • Helps you regulate your body.
  • Improves focus and concentration.

How do you combat seasonal depressionFor more reading on this subject, please read 5 Fantastic Tips to Beat Winter Blues!

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