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Kids, we love them to death even though they can drive us a little bonkers.  One of my daughters is very disorganized and it drives me nutty.  I worked with her therapist to come up with a consequence chart.  The purpose of the consequence chart is that the kid will know exactly how they will be punished based on their actions.  It also is a good idea to keep you (Mom) from getting angry.

This is what my husband and I came up with for our girls.  You'll need to modify it to fit you and your kids.  We actually have been adding on, as new situations arise.  It also has taken some of the work load off of me.  Again, this is what we came up with for our family.  I didn't include taking away friend time because I believe time spent playing with friends is important.

1.  Talking back - You will receive corner time based on your age.  If you continue to back talk 1 minute will be added to your punishment.

2.  Leaving food in your room - All day dishwasher duty.

3.  Biting, punching, or kicking - No screens for the day.

4.  Giant temper tantrums & outbursts - chore of my choosing or no screen time (parent's choice).

5.  Failure to properly clean room after being asked - laundry duty.

6. Miscellaneous items being left out after asked to put them away - chore of parent's choice.

7.  Arguing - corner time.

8.  Asking the same question over and over - no screens.

9.  Knocking on bedroom door for non-emergencies - I will wake you up early.

10.  Spitting and boogers - scrub/cleaning (parent's choice).

11.  Leaving lights on and not flushing the toilet - going to bed 15 minutes early.

12.  Missing school assignments - no electronics until grade is posted.

13.  Missing school for no visible reason - no horseback riding until further notice and must attend school 30 days straight.

14.  You won't go to bed - I will wake you up bright and early.

15.  Teasing & taunting - do a chore for the person you're taunting.

16.  Tattling - chore.

17.  Lying - chore and corner time.

18.  Getting someone else to do your chore for you - additional chore.

Yes, my little munchkins get into plenty of trouble.  I would love to hear some of the consequences that you come up with.



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