Turkey Leftovers Recipes

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My little turkey
Thanksgiving will be over before you know it. Most people buy way too much turkey. I thought it would be a good idea to put together a blog post showing different ways to use that leftover turkey. I'm not the best cook, so they will all be very simple to make.

My friend Rochelle gave me this recipe. It sounds super easy and gets rid of most of the leftovers all at once. Take all of your leftovers and mix them together. Make sure everything is bite sized. Add mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, turkey, gravy, and anything else you think would be good together. Bake until everything is warm, about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Next, add some canned biscuits. Separate each biscuit, then lay them on top of the mixture and bake about 10 minutes or according to can directions.  Now you have a very easy turkey pot pie!

Here is another recipe that uses biscuits. The original recipe calls for ground turkey, but I bet you can substitute chopped or shredded leftover turkey. Print the recipe here.

This is a simple recipe; that sounds tasty. It's a quick, easy turkey casserole made with leftover turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and Hellmann's Mayonnaise. I love mayo. You can print the recipe here. Or, watch the video above with country singer Tricia Yearwood.

You can make soup using leftover turkey.  Betty Crocker offers a very simple recipe, with a 5-star rating.  Click here to print it.
Of course, you could make a turkey & cranberry sandwich. This recipe for a Copycat Panera Turkey Cranberry Sandwich from Erin Brans looks easy to make. All you need it turkey, cranberry sauce, spinach leaves, cream cheese, & bread.

Our friend from Raising Dick & Jane has a delicious looking recipe for Turkey Salad Croissants. I plan to try this one out for sure.

If you are looking for other sandwich ideas, see this link: Three Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipes.

Here are a few more recipes from "Special Needs Kids Talk Radio" including a Turkey Curry & Turkey Melt.

This recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in a Jiffy from Wendy Woerner could easily be made with leftover turkey. It includes directions for a gluten free biscuit topping.

Finally, A Mind Full Mom has a whole roundup of Thanksgiving leftovers recipes. You might want to try one of them here

I hope you enjoy these leftover turkey recipes.  Mom Among Chaos wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving from our homes to yours.

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