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I had the opportunity, thanks to Family Christian, to read "You're Loved No Matter What" by, Holly Gerth. This book is about letting go of the perfection that so many of us women hold and expect of ourselves. It is about allowing ourselves to be human. Normally, I would never post a picture of myself makeup up free with my hair going in all directions. But, this is me. This is the girl that God entrusted to take care of two very special girls. Girls that also show me daily that perfection is unattainable and downright unattractive. Holly Gerth teaches how to live and embrace the messy parts of life. 
"Perfectionism is ultimately about self-protection." I want you to spend a moment thinking about this. When we are trying to be "perfect" who are we really trying to please? Are we trying to please God? Or, are we trying to please others? My bet is you're trying to please someone besides God. 

I have spent many years trying to be perfect. Guess what, you're not being kind to yourself when you're spending all of your time people pleasing. Set your sites on pleasing God. 

Another topic that was huge for me was guilt. I was not aware that perfectionism and guilt are best friends. Were you aware of that?
"Guilt is self-focused. 
Sorrow is grieving over how we've hurt someone else."

"Guilt shuts us down. 
Sorrow opens us up again."

"Guilt holds us back. 
Sorrow moves us toward what God has next."

I have to admit that I suffer from guilt. False guilt is something that we woman can overcome. Sometimes, it takes a good support system. Let's pretend I told a friend that I couldn't attend her party because I needed to invest some time with my family. Later, I'm feeling guilty. Why am I feeling guilty? Simply because I want to please that person. When you feel false guilt try to find support from someone. My husband is great at telling me don't feel guilty. I guess most men are straight-forth on that subject. 

The book allows us to look deeper into our lives. Sit and think about what your strengths are. There is a list in the book. After much thought, I chose responsible, kind, and sensitive.

Would I recommend You're Loved No Matter What? Yes, it's perfect for women! I really did enjoy it and have a new look on perfection.

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