10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know

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The 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know is written for teenagers. This book deals with problems your blossoming teen may face, but in a loving Godly manner. It gently guides them through difficult decisions with grace. The 10 sections the book discusses are popularity, confidence, reputation, interacting with boys, self-worship, perseverance, patience, image, self-beauty, and inner beauty. At the end of each section is discussion questions for your teen to fill out. It will help them discover areas that may be a problem in their lives.
Book Description
These ten simple truths can build one big change in your daughter's life.
When Kari Kampakis wrote a blog post in July 2013 titled "10 Truths Young Girls Should Know," the post went viral and was shared more than 65,000 times on Facebook. Obviously her message strikes a chord with moms and dads across the country. This nonfiction book for teen girls expands on these ten truths and can reach the hearts of both moms and daughters.
Teen girls deal daily with cliques, bullying, rejection, and social media nightmares. Kari Kampakis wants girls to know that they don't have to compromise their integrity and future to find love, acceptance, and security. Her ten truths include:

  • Kindness is more important than popularity.
  • People peak at different times of life. Trust God's plan for you.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Otherwise, you'll never stick to your guns.
  • Today's choices set the stage for your reputation.
  • You were born to fly.
Fans of Kari's blog and newspaper column will not want to miss her first book. Filled with practical advice, loving support, and insightful discussion questions, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know is a timely and approachable list of guidelines that will help young girls navigate a broken world and become the young women God made them to be.

About the Author
Kari Kampakis is a newspaper columnist, blogger, and former children’s photographer from Birmingham, Alabama. Her writing has been featured on HuffPost Parents and reflects her passion for family and God. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Kari holds an MBA and public relations degree. She and her husband, Harry, live in blessed chaos with their four daughters and a dog named Lola.

10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know also talks about important topics such as sex. I didn't realize it when I handed this book over to my 12 year old. So, make sure you're comfortable with the topics before you allow your child to read it. That was my fault for letting her look at it before I did. The book discusses this topic beautifully, and in a biblical manner.

 The topic of popularity reached out to me the most because unfortunately some girls never mature emotionally. Yes, I see it in some adults. They get stuck in being a ring leader in their own little group. "Eventually they fall from grace as their peers wise up, get a spine, and stop bowing down to them." 

"Whatever spin they put on the meaning true friendship is wrong, because girls like this have it backward. They care more about how they feel than how you feel." I loved this line from the book. I had a friend that use to say on a regular basis if you were a "true friend" you would (fill in the blank). It took me a long time to wise up and realize that I was being manipulated.

When I was a teenager, I was always really shy and quiet. I mostly kept my thoughts to myself. I didn't start speaking my mind until I was probably in college. My 12 year old daughter is an extrovert. So, this will help her in social situations when her mouth gets the best of her.

Honestly, this is one of the best teen self-help books I've ever read. I would recommend it for 13 and up. All teenagers should read it and apply the great wisdom that Kari gives.  Her words are written in such an easy and light manner that makes you want to read this book. It covers so many situations that you're going to want to have the book to lean on when times get a little rough.

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