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Do you have a child interested in acting? Here is a wonderful opportunity for them to try it out. Even if they haven't thought about acting before your kids will enjoy these fun theatre activities. My daughter attended two events and plans to attend more. She had a great time and has already made some new friends.
Acting Out Kids Community Theatre is a youth theatre in Clawson, MI. It is unique because it was created by kids, Madison and Max Siwak, and is led by kids (with adult supervision and guidance). They offer productions, acting classes, professional workshops, field trips, community events and drop-in events every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for kids ages 8-18 years old. There is also a youth committee where kids ages 8-18 are welcome to join in helping to plan fun events for the theatre and for the community.

The next drop in event is this Friday.

Friday, April 24
Lower level of Clawson United Methodist Chuch - 205 N. Main St. - Clawson, MI
$5.00 per child - includes refreshments

The founders of this theatre, Madison and Max Siwak, are also the creators and hosts of Awesome Clawson and Awesome Clawson Kids, which are two separate local TV shows that highlight people, businesses, organizations, and events in Clawson. The shows are taped once a month and air on three separate cable channels.

Theatre kids act in commercials, that they write and film, to advertise for upcoming events in Clawson. Here is a recent commercial that my daughter, Katelyn, was in. She is wearing the pink coat. Make sure you watch the video for two minutes to hear her line, "How 'bout a Musical?"

Watch the Claws & Paws commercial video on YouTube:

The emphasis with both the theatre and the TV shows is to get kids to become active in the community and to be positive role models for other kids. At the same time, kids are learning real life skills such as public speaking, taking initiative, building confidence, being creative, working as part of a team, mentoring, and leadership, all while making new friends and having fun in a safe, non-competitive and welcoming environment.

Kids from all cities are welcome to participate in the theatre. It's non-profit, so almost all of the community events (for both the theatre and the TV show) are free or very low cost. These events are fun ways for kids to help out and become active in the community.

A new session of acting classes, for kids ages 7-18, starts this week.
April 23 – May 28, 2015 (six week session)
Thursdays – 6:30-7:30pm
Cost is $50.00 per child
Located at Clawson City Hall – 425 Main St. – Clawson

Kids will learn basic acting and improvisation skills (including monologues and audition techniques) in a casual and friendly environment. Kids will learn these skills through acting and improvisation games, activities, and skits. Great for building confidence, working as part of a team, practicing public speaking, and making new friends!
An introduction to musical theatre will also be taught at the end of each class. In addition to acting and improvisation, kids will also learn some songs and dances that they will be invited to perform at upcoming community events. The classes will be taught by Madison and Max Siwak. There will be a performance for parents on the last day of class!

*Kids that attend the acting classes are eligible to participate in community events with our theatre and they are also welcome to participate in commercials that we create for the Awesome Clawson Kids TV show.*

For the summer production, they will be making a movie parody of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kids will be involved in writing, acting, and helping out with various tasks that go into making a movie. The summer production is open to kids ages 8-18 years old. The cost to participate in the production is $50.00 per child. If a child would like to volunteer, but not be in the movie, there is no cost to help out. Auditions for the movie will be on Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28 from 7:00-9:00pm at the Hunter Community Center in Clawson. Please prepare a one minute funny monologue. Auditions are by appointment only, so please contact to schedule an appointment. Rehearsals will start the first week in May and will be two days a week. They hope to have the movie completed by the end of July. The movie premiere will be in September at the Clawson High School auditorium and it will be a community event that everyone is invited to attend.
If you would like more information about Acting Out Kids Community Theatre, please visit Also be sure to "Like" them on Facebook at Acting Out Kids Community Theatre to receive information about upcoming events. 

For information about the Awesome Clawson and Awesome Clawson Kids TV shows, please "Like" them on Facebook at Awesome Clawson Kids and find out about all of the great things that are happening in Clawson!



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