Stitch Fix #8

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Stitch Fix #8 was a gift from a family member. Yes, I'm spoiled rotten. Have you heard about Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a styling service that helps you dress in the latest fashions for the events in your life, or just everyday clothes. They use a Pinterest board that you create showing what kind of looks you like. You receive 5 pieces of clothes that your stylist chooses for you. You can model your clothing from the comfort of your own home and you have three days to choose what to keep and what to return. If you keep all of the items you receive a 25% discount. If you send the clothes back you just pay a $20 styling fee. That's a great price to stay up on the latest fashions and take you out of your comfort zone.
Skies are Blue Alcott Jacket
I was hoping for something army green. As soon as I saw it I thought it looked like an old lady jacket. The material was very stiff and not soft.
I did not like it at all. I ended up sending it back. It was not my style!
41 Hawthorn Lizzy Colorblock Striped Sweater
I had requested this sweater hoping to receive the aqua and gray one. This sweater was super soft. I was not fond of the color, but then I decided it is the perfect colors for fall. The sweater is a tad on the big side. I wish I had received an extra small, but maybe it is meant to be a longer sweater. I kept it to update my fall wardrobe.
Market & Spruce Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt
I saw this shirt on other Stitch Fixers and thought it made them look old, but once I dressed it up with my Liverpool stretch pants and necklace I loved it. I loved that it was soft, casual, yet at the same time dressy. You can dress this top up or down. I kept it and so far it has held up really well with hand washing and drying on a clothes line.
Orita Heathered Infinity Scarf
Is that a snake around my neck? Oh wait, it's a Stitch Fix scarf. Hello, could it possibly be any bigger? It went back. 
Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater
Isn't this sweater adorable for a fall day? I loved the pattern and the color. It was also really comfortable. Until...
This is the back of the sweater. It buttons from the back and has these nifty arm patches. It's kind of like a mullet with a crazy party going on in the back. I love the front of the sweater, but not the back.

Stitch Fix #8 was okay. I guess two out of five isn't too shabby. You can sign up for your own fix using my link. Feel free to pin any of my images and check out all of my previous Fixes.

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