50 Joys In My Life 2016

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50 Joys In My Life 2016

1. My home. Sometimes we take our home for granted. I loved mine in Westland. We moved to take care of a sick relative, and it turned into a nightmare. In March, we ended up moving out of the prison back into our home.

2. My girls! They're growing into adults. Every day, I see more and more of the adult they will become.

3. My husband! He's the only one that can calm my soul. He is the fighter when my heart needs to be peaceful. He handles things when I cannot.

4. My family. I'm so blessed my parents live ten minutes from me.

5. I'm so thankful for my best friend. She is there to listen to me every single day.

6. I'm thankful that I had a friend to hang out with when I moved out this way. I would be so lonely without you.

7. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that my daughter's surgery went well. I was nervous about having her under drugs.

8. I love my annoying, smelly, fur babies.

9. I love my covered porch. I love sitting our front and watching life go by.

10. I am happy that I found a church home and along with it a Mom's group.

11. It makes me glad that my girls love being in the local theater group.

12. My great room makes me smile. I love it.

13. My girls are lucky to grow up in a multi-cultural area.

14. After five years I'm still in love with my blog.

15. Thank you to my friends that still drive out this way to see me. I value you.

16. Cheers to my morning cup of joe.

17. My lunch dates with the pool boy. LOL!

18. The weekend I spent on the beach with my husband.

19. Food! I love it.

20. Alexa, I love my daily jam time.

21. My big gray couch. You would understand if you sat on it.

22. All of the hugs and kisses I receive from Keira.

23. Weekly dinner night at my parent's house.

24. Freedom from being in prison from another person's mental illness.

25. I'm thankful that my frozen shoulder has healed about 95%. 

26. Blessed, with wonderful trips and friends this year.

27. I LOVE my bathroom in our new house. I had wanted a new bathroom for years.

28. I enjoyed having a garden again even if the rabbits liked it more than I was able to.

29. It's a joy that my girls are for the most part happy and healthy.

30. I'm so grateful that my body is allowing me to workout again.

31. We're enjoying having a huge game room in the basement even though it's flooded six times now. LOL.

32. I love the look of black stainless steel appliances but don't like cleaning it.

33. I'm thankful that I was able to sponsor a little girl this year.

34. It's a blessing that we're financially stable.

35. I still look forward to our Friday movie nights even if I have to drag my electronic obsessed kids kicking and screaming.

36. It's a blessing to have sidewalks again. Our Westland house didn't have them.

37. We are blessed with new friendships developing out here.

38. My fitness membership.

39. I love trying all of the happening restaurants out this way.

40. I'm enjoying living in an area where the city is developing a downtown. Marshall's is a few blocks from my house.

41. I love that one of my daughters is becoming girly.

42. I'm ever so thankful for deep belly laughs.

43. Even though I dislike my tiny back yard, I'm grateful that it's mine.

44. My daily alone time. I make an hour for myself to play games and take a nap usually daily.

45. The happiness of being able to use a kitchen again. It was a nightmare being blocked from using the kitchen daily.

46. I love my little diffuser. It makes me stop hacking every night.

47. Clothes, yet again have brought me joy in my life. I love finding a good deal.

48. I enjoy that my neighborhood is so quiet.

49. I'm starting to plan our 2017 vacation. My girls and I have a blast dreaming.

50. My family's health. Never take your health for granted! It can change in an instant.



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