50 Joys in my Life 2015

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We all have reasons to be grateful, even if we are struggling with hardships in our life. With each joy is sorrow somewhere or another. A few months ago, I read 5 Years in Heaven. It helped me focus on a pleasure when I was feeling a sorrow. This has been hard for me lately, but we can train our brains. Here are 50 joys in my life.  

I'm moving my content from www.myimperfectfamily.com. This post is from 2015. It's interesting to see how my life has changed.

50 Joys in My Life

1. My husband. This year probably has been the most stressful in all of our years. If we didn't laugh through some of the chaos we probably would have gone batty.

2. My kids. You girls have handled the change like champions. They have just with the flow. 

3. My parents and sister. I cannot wait to have my parents as my neighbors soon.

4. My best friend and my friends. My best friend was planted in my life just when I needed her. I know God planted her in my life. She has taught me what true friendship is. I look forward to our conversations every day.

5. Writing is a release and joy for me. I think without it I would go a little nutty.

6. It's a pleasure to be able to take my family to so many events that blogging allows me to do. My kids will grow up with lots of special memories. 

7. Moving has been one of the most difficult things that I've even been through. But, I look for the joys. My little deer has been a pleasure. I see God in nature around me. 

8. My frozen shoulder is slowly thawing. I gained thirty degrees of motion in a month.

9. Every Friday we buy pizza and watch a movie together. I look forward to it.

10. I enjoy playing brain games on my phone to help me escape for a little bit. 

11. I'm all about comfort. I get dressed and run back home and throw my pj's back on. I'm thankful for PJ and yoga pants. 

12. My daughter Keira is still very cuddly. I enjoy our time sitting on the couch. 

13. I love playing board games with my family.

14. I love traveling. 

15. I like trying new restaurants and food.

16. Tears are a great release. I consider them a joy because I always feel better afterward. 

17. Stitch Fix always bring excitement and fun into my week. 

18. My bible study group brings me lots of smiles. 

19. I've been really into Mumford and Sons lately. 

20. I love going shopping and having lunches with friends.

21. Tender moments with my girls. 

22. Laughter is the best medicine. I love to laugh.

23. Fall. I've so enjoyed the cooler weather since we didn't have central air this summer.

24. My chat time with Matt.

25. Our boat. It may be Gilligan's Island boat, but I feel closer to God on the water.

26. Building my relationship with God. 

27. My fluffy friends.

28. Good movies that make you think. 

29. Chris Isaak. 

30. Feeling the sun on my face. 

31. Smelling a rose.

32. Discovering a rainbow. 

33. Following God's calling. 

34. Chocolate

35. Cheese

36. Wine

37. Carbs 

38. Faith's school. 

39. Hot baths

40. Massages

41. Love

42. Boundaries

43. Wisdom with age.

44. My working body parts. We take for granted when everything is working correctly.

45. Unanswered prayers. 

46. Learning as I go.

47. We just bought a new home pending inspection.

48. I can't wait to spend days sitting on my new front porch.

49.We will have sidewalks again and even a guest room.

50. I can't wait to have a party! The basement is perfect for entertaining. 
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