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Last week my 10 year old daughter and I, along with a few other bloggers had the opportunity to sample the newest global flavor bowls and many other menu items at Noodles & Company in Royal Oak.
My daughter ordered her favorite kids meal, buttered noodles with a Gogo squeeze applesauce pouch & a rice crispy treat. What is really nice about the kids meal is that they can pick two sides and a drink. My daughter chose to make a fountain drink at the Freestyle beverage machine.
Thai Chicken soup
I was surprised by the tasty, new Thai Chicken soup. It made a perfect first course, along with Cheesy Garlic Bread and Korean BBQ Meatballs.
Next, we tried two of the salads. The Chicken Veracruz salad and the Napa Market salad with Chicken. The Veracruz is a little spicy. I love the apples and pomegranate vinaigrette in the Napa Market salad.
Pork Adobo
The two newest noodle dishes are the Pork Adobo and Thai Green Curry with shrimp. The Pork Adobo can be made with chicken instead. It is a spicy latin-inspired dish. I liked the Thai Green Curry because of the big shrimp and rice noodles. It is also gluten free.
Thai Green Curry with shrimp
I usually get my old standbys, Japanese Pan Noodles, Steak Stroganoff , or Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. From now on I will definitely start ordering more of a variety. 
Finally, it was time for dessert. We were given a platter of rice crispy treats, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle cookies. Mmm, the cookies were so soft and yummy.

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