It's All Gribiche to Me

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Easter egg coloring may be one of the last strongholds of childhood.  Funny how teenagers and twenty-somethings think the coloring ritual is silly, but they still expect the plethora of egg salad that traditionally follows Easter.  What else are you going to do with all of those leftover eggs? 

I'll tell you.  This sauce is better than any egg salad you could possibly make, will help you stay on your "summer body" work out routine and best of all, encourages folks to buy local, in season produce this spring.  It's called Gribiche.

Gribiche is a sauce, and like any sauce, one can make it fancy or home-style.  I prefer home-style merely because it's quick and goes on everything especially roasted vegetables and cold meat or fish.  I highly suggest pouring it over spring time asparagus.

While this recipe makes one serving, I quadruple it and keep it in a jar for up to a week.  It might last longer, but I couldn't say.  It never lasts long enough at my house.  I love it poured over left over, cold salmon or trout.  Many in France use it for a salad dressing.  Truth be told, I toast bread, put pickled beets on it and pour Gribiche over the half toasted sandwich and its lunch!


6 Tbs. Olive oil
2 Tbs. Apple cider vinegar
1 Tbs. Dijon mustard
3 chopped hard boiled eggs
4 cornichon chopped finely
2 tsp capers
Salt and pepper

Combine salt and pepper with oil and vinegar.  Crush the salt into the oil with the back of a spoon.  Stir in mustard and stir again.  To the base sauce, add capers, eggs, and cornichon.  Combine gently. 
Keep in the refrigerator after using.  Olive oil may thicken in the cold environment.  Stir to emulsify oil and vinegar again and bring to room temperature.  

Michele Roger is a Senior Food and Travel Writer for SEARCH magazine (  She writes the food blog, “Oui, Michele”  When she isn’t writing or cooking, she is a harpist who teaches and performs in the Detroit area.



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