Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas

Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas
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Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas is just majestic. She is like a floating town. A little over a week ago we boarded with about 5,000 people and over 2,000 crew members on an adventure that my family would never forget.

Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas

Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas

We boarded the ship in New Jersey. Being from Michigan and going on vacation during spring break we decided to drive to this port since it was only 11 hours from our home. Less time in the car with kids, opposed to driving to Florida. 

Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas

Our stateroom was under 200 square feet. The cabin has lots of storage space even though it's small. I promise there is so much to do even if it's cold outside that you won't spend much time in your room. The above is a view from our balcony.

The best part of your stateroom is that it is cleaned if you wish twice a day. I felt like a queen not having to clean.

Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas

My 10 & 14-year-old daughters immediately headed for adventure aboard the ship. There is simply so much to do and see!

The SeaPlex is kids dream. You will find bumper cars, trapeze lessons, basketball, roller-skating, air hockey, ping-pong and so much more! I think I will have to invest in an air hockey table!

royal caribbean athem of the seas

The ship contains quite a few pools. Actually, there is something water wise for the whole family. Not in the mood for kids? Well, head to the beautiful Solarium.

Royal Caribbean Anthem seas, solarium

My favorite part of the cruise was definitely the food. The sweet, Roopa took excellent care of us every night. She made sure that my picky daughter was well taken care of (yes, even she gained 5 pounds.)

royal caribbean anthem seas

What touched my heart was returning to Blue Lagoon in Paradise Island. Matt and I went sixteen years prior, on our honeymoon. 

The lagoon had changed a ton, but there was so much more to do than there was before. There was tons of sea life, and the landscape was pure tropical paradise.

I have been so blessed in the last sixteen years with two girls, and a husband that has grown leaps and bounds over the years. It brought tears to my eyes how fast time has flown by and how my girls will be adults before I know it.

We also went to Cocoa Beach and CoCo Cay (Royal Caribbean's private island).

This summed up our time on Cocoa Beach. It was actually quite funny. We rented lawn chairs and just got settled in when crazy winds and hail came in.

Thankfully, we only had to wait a few minutes to be back on the ship. That's a perk of taking a cruise.

CoCo Cay was the only part that truly was disappointing for me. Everything else with the cruise was fantastic.

We were not advised we needed a tender ticket to get off the boat. Royal Carribean did not have a dock, so they have boats that take you to their island. This was not smooth, it was hectic, disorganized, and crazy.

I did hear through the grapevine that they're building a port at this location. Royal Caribbean definitely needs it.

CoCo Cay was overcrowded and chaotic. I was again happy to hop back on the boat.

Royal Caribbean has spectacular entertainment. I see lots of shows being a blogger, and I have to say they have a bunch of superstars in the making.

Sam Toland was sensational in The Gift and our favorite We Will Rock You. My daughter Keira LOVED the show.

After we had watched the musical, I started spotting Sam on the ship and was able to have him take a picture with Keira.

His singing voice, enthusiasm for his role, and actually the whole entire cast were astounding

Like I mentioned I probably see 15 or more Broadway shows a year and I was moved. I would have never guessed in a million years he was British since his American accent in the show was perfect.

We ended up seeing We Will Rock You three more times

My ten-year-old is now OBSESSED with Queen. I thought it was so cool, but a week later I can't get those songs out of my head because she's always rocking out. HELP

My husband, Matt picked this specific boat for one reason. Can you guess? He loves the Flo Rider.

Matt is experienced when it comes to knee boarding, but they only allow certain tricks aboard the ship. So, he worked on learning to surf.

He had a blast especially on the colder days when no one else wanted to brave the cold.

My daughter Faith loved the Royal Caribbean Teen Club. In fact, she spent as much time possible there. They even had a prom for the teens.

Faith made a bunch of new friends on the ship that she hopes to continue friendships with (her phone has been going off non-stop.)

Royal Caribbean Anthem Seas is more than a cruise ship, it's a family. These people are gone from their loved ones for extended periods of time, so the guests take on the roles of family members. Well, not the annoying type of relative but the people you love to visit with.

I truly wanted to hug my waitress good-bye because you develop friendships over the week and I enjoyed learning about all of the different cultures and customs.

When you cruise Royal Caribbean, you're traveling with a big family! I definitely will be back but maybe Hawaii next time!

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Where are you headed for your next adventure?



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