Family Game Night Wizard Roll

Family Game Night Wizard Roll, Family Game night, things to do, for kids, games, board games
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I have loved playing board games since I was little. My husband and ten-year-old share my love for board games. Last night we had family game night and played Wizard Roll! We had a blast!

Family Game Night Wizard Roll

Wizard Roll is a super simple but fun game. The object of the game is to make magic spells, but oh it's not that easy. If someone rolls a wand, they can zap you, and you lose some or all of the pieces you have collected to make your magic spell. This is what makes the game fun. We were all laughing and giggling.

Each player is dealt two cards. Each card has a number assigned to it. The higher the number, the harder the spell. You will need 7 or more points to win this game. You take turns rolling the dice to collect items that you need for your spell. If you end up with a bad roll and can't use anything that you rolled you have to offer one of the items on the die to another player. The round ends when a person collects his or her spell. It will take more than one round for the game to end.

Family Game Night Wizard Roll, family games, for kids, family, things to do, for her, for him, games, entertainment

Joe RoosterFin Bio:
Joe, the owner of RoosterFin, brings a unique skill to board games with his ability to create authentic game engines. His gift is in understanding how math applies to games. Joe’s background, coupled with his years teaching kids, enables him to create award-winning games that are continuously simple to learn and fun to play. Since Joe has left his life in the classroom behind, he has devoted his full attention to making great games.

Check out our game from last night!

Would I recommend Wizard Roll? Yes, we had a blast, and I'm going out on a limb by saying that it's a five-star game. We played for a few hours last night and plan on playing again!

You can buy your own Wizard Roll here! This game will be perfect for you next family game night!



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