Five Things on Friday 8/21/2020

Happy Friday! These summer days are becoming shorter and shorter, which breaks my heart. Grab a cup of joe, and let's catch up!

1. Almost two weeks ago, hubby came down with stomach issues and a headache. Of course, I made him go get tested for Covid-19. We were in the Lansing area for a weekend for karate, and even though everyone was outside and wearing a mask all weekend, you just never know. He came back negative. During this time, I ended up sick with cold-like symptoms, and so I went and was tested and was negative. It's so sad to think that every single time we get sick, that nasty virus will be in the back of our minds. 

2. We've been trying to upgrade our beach house all summer. We've had two houses we bid over asking and still lost out on. God has had our back without a doubt. I just happened to look at Zillow a few weeks ago, which I haven't done in a long time. There sat a cute house with a garage, fantastic porch, dishwasher, private backyard, washer, and dryer, plus more storage and bedrooms—every single item I have had on my wish list. We made an offer, and I had zero hope. I really didn't even think much about it like I did the others. That evening I got a text that our offer has been accepted and was in shock. The inspection went well, and now just waiting on all of the little details. I decided to put my other house up for sale as soon as the appraisal comes back. I could keep them both, but the business sucks up so much of our time. I want less instead of more. 

3. We've been getting ready for school mode. K is starting homeschool this year. F has already started her college classes. She has a lot on her plate this year with finishing her senior year and 2 college classes. 

4. Everything has calmed back down with the dogs. My dog Izzy tried to kill my chihuahua a few weeks ago. Sophie had broken ribs, stitches, and her lungs were affected. I thought about putting evil sister (Izzy) down. I couldn't do it. We now keep them completely separated. Izzy even has her own section of the house, and I rotate who gets to be in the central part of the house. Izzy doesn't have many years left, so I just couldn't bring my heart to doing it.

5. I have worked out 5 days a week since March. Because I had a fever, I allowed myself to take a week off. Let me tell you it was hard. When you fall into a routine, it's hard to get off. I even forced myself to take the Fitbit off because I had noticed my fitness level went down. Nope, it's okay to rest your body. I will be back at it on Monday.



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