5 Things on Friday

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1. My daughter found a new horse stable where she can work to earn riding lessons. I've been praying for someone to help guide her a bit, and I think our prayers have been answered by someone that helps run the stable. Teens never want to listen to their parents. It's so crucial for them to have healthy role models besides their parents because a teen's brain is built to break away from their parents. My fingers are crossed that this stable will be a blessing for us.

2. I've been feeling hormonal all week and not wanting to leave the house. Sometimes you just have to permit yourself to be lazy. Allowing myself to be lazy is hard for me to do but I've been doing it. I realized I'm much calmer when I cater to my soul.

3. I was supposed to have dental work this week and chickened out. I guess making plans when you're at your limit is not the best idea. I will eventually get it done. Half the time I think they're just trying to get more money.

4. I'm so proud of my hubby. Today he is receiving his black belt. Receiving your black belt is kind of like graduating from college it's a big deal. I love seeing his dedication and his enthusiasm. Afterwards, we will be going out to dinner with his karate family.

5. Keira finally asked if Santa was real. I was becoming slightly worried since she's in Middle School and I couldn't wait to spill the beans about how we all are Santa Claus and giving is such a beautiful spirit in people. Now, if only if we could get there with Elf and the late and delinquent Tooth Fairy.

How was your week? Tell me about it in the comments! Let's get to know each other.



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