5 Things on Friday 5/11/18

Welcome to another edition of Crystal's crazy hectic life! Yes, it's time for 5 Things on Friday where I fill you in on my adventures. Boy, do I live a full life and I'm ever so grateful, but this introvert sometimes needs to hide.

1. Last weekend I went to the Women's Show with some friends. I had a blast but spent way too much money buying hair extensions. I'm a sucker for good hair. I love them though, so the shocking price tag doesn't matter I guess.

After the Women's Show, we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and to grab some ice cream. It was a fun day!

2.  Since the kids had Tuesday off of school due to the election, we decided to visit Somerset Collection in Troy. The three of us love that mall. Faith had a few gift cards to use from Christmas which she kept to buy her friends birthday presents. Keira and I love going into Lush. She bought me an awesome super mom bath bomb for Mother's Day. Of course, I've already used it.

I'm a Chick-Fil-A mom blogger. I was sent a coupon for free chicken sandwiches. So while we were at the mall Faith and I went for our free dinner. It's been so lovely being pampered this week.

3. Last night I attended the Chris Tomlin concert. It was fabulous. I met up with a bunch of MOPS friends. Chris Tomlin even exchanged our lawn seats for pavilion seats. I never have seen an artist do that. I was impressed.

4. Matt pampered me with finishing the bathroom floor up north and a Stitch Fix box for Mother's Day. I loved updating my wardrobe a bit. Tonight we will be enjoying dinner out with my mom.

5. I've been suffering from a little bit of burn out. This week I couldn't wait until my job was over. It's not that I don't enjoy it, but it's so lovely to sleep in past 5 AM. I don't know why I'm complaining when I can sleep as late as I want I'm usually up by 6.

How was your week?

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