Deck the Halls With Home Security

This blog post is sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own. Deck the Halls With Home Security.
Are you looking for the PERFECT gift to give this holiday season? Well, look no further. This year you should deck the halls with home security! Yes, home security!!

Six months ago, we had Guardian Alarm installed in our home. It has changed our lives. I can't imagine our lives now without the piece of mind of Guardian Alarm

Guardian Alarm has outstanding home automation abilities. I wanted to cover a few of my favorite that makes my life safer and more comfortable in so many ways.

  • Using the Guardian Alarm app, I can see when anyone in my family comes in the home or leaves. Each person has their own unique code, and you can receive notifications when someone arms or disarms the alarm.
  • Do you have someone watching a pet? You can either create a code for them or lock or unlock the door for them.
  • I totally adore not having to use keys. I just enter in my passcode, or if my hands are full, I can unlock my door using the app.
  • Are you away from home and are not sure if you locked the door? You can check on the app to make sure your door is locked. If not, a touch of a button on the app will lock it for you.
  • I have children that are old enough to stay home alone. Do, I always trust them? Nope! I have a camera in my home, and I can use my app to see what they're up to. Haha, mom win!
  • Do you worry about your home when you're not home? Well, you can turn on and off your lights with your app. I love this! I teach a 4:30 AM in the morning, and it's nice to just hit a button when I'm half asleep.
  • You can turn on/off your alarm from your bed. Okay, just about every night I set it while I'm relaxing in bed.
I love all of these home automation capabilities that my Guardian Alarm brings me. So, this holiday season deck the halls with home security. You will be glad you did!



  1. smart smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm in the boys' room to help keep them safe, which mom and dad love! But it's more than just that... it's also an Alexa enabled premium speaker and nightlight, which the boys are just crazy about!Serious Security CCTV


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