Shoveling Snow Safety Tips

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Winter came early this year! Along with the snow comes shoveling. Thankfully, as I'm writing this, we haven't had to shovel yet, but living in Michigan I know it's coming. 

Something we don't usually think about when we are younger is shoveling snow safety tips, but frankly, it's so essential for all ages. So, before we get our first big snow storm of the season, I wanted to bring you some safety tips.

Aqua-Tots Swim School, winter, winter safety, ice, shoveling snow safety tips, snow, Michigan, safe, shoveling

Shoveling Snow Safety Tips

Before you begin shoveling, don't forget to warm-up as if you're doing a workout. I recommend doing some simple stretches, or even walking up and down the (salted) sidewalk to get your body moving.

When you're shoveling, do more pushing of the snow than lifting.  If you do lift, don't fill the shovel with snow completely. Don't strain yourself.

When you're lifting, make sure to tighten your core and use your leg muscles. Don't lift using your back. Suck the tummy and push with your legs.

If the snow is wet and heavy, make sure you're taking a break every 20-30 minutes. Pacing yourself helps you protect your body from overexertion

If you're middle-aged or have any kind of health issues always make sure to check with your Doctor before shoveling snow. Think of it as an intense workout.

Dress in layers that are easy to remove as your body warms up from shoveling. 

Finally, consider a light plastic shovel instead of the heavy metal shovels. The plastic shovel will save you time and will cause less pressure on your arms.

Once you finish shoveling come in from out of the cold and take your kids for a swim at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools. Continuing or beginning swim lessons during the winter months will have your child building confidence and life-long skills in the water, so they're ready to dive-in once Michigan thaws out.

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