4 Apartment Friendly Halloween Decoration Tips

Celebrating the Halloween season for the first time in an apartment? These tips are perfect for you!

The Halloween season won’t be complete without spooky decor and scary home accessories. And since you are now living in an apartment, decorating can be a bit challenging. Your options are quite limited plus you have to ask permission from the landlord or apartment manager first before putting up Halloween d├ęcor items.

But this doesn’t mean you have to pass on decorating for Halloween. Here are some Halloween decoration tips and ideas that can create spooky chills without damaging your rental unit.

Decorative doors

Decorating your apartment door is by far the easiest way to show your Halloween spirit. Artwork materials like construction paper, colorful tape,  and the likes are surely enough to do the trick. There are lots of free patterns online that you can download to help you create that perfect bat, witches and ghosts cutout. Adding a fake spider web at your door can also add something for your Halloween art.

Halloween themed candies

The Halloween night celebration wouldn't be complete without a bowl or basket full of candy. Although you might not fully enjoy this year’s trick or treats, it won’t hurt to fill up a dish, or two with Halloween themed candies. It’s a perfect and ideal decoration without changing anything inside your apartment. Head out to the nearest store and buy some Halloween candy.

Don’t forget the pumpkins

Don’t like carving pumpkins? Get some paint and draw all over it! If your art skills are not that great, you can always download some stencils online for free. Stickers and other stick-on artwork can also add more craziness to your Halloween pumpkin decoration. Some people even buy or create fake eyeglass and a mustache to dress up their pumpkins to be displayed at their front door.

Paper chains

If you feel like your decor is not enough to get that Halloween mood going at your apartment, paper chains are a good idea to boost it up. Create traditional paper chains using orange and black construction paper. Hang them above your door or across your room. You can also stick up something in your paper chains like fake spiders or insects to add a more eerie effect on them.

Aside from being so apartment friendly, these Halloween decoration tips are also budget friendly. Hope you like them!

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