My So-Called Crazy Life

I don't mean to, but somehow I allow myself to live a crazy life. One thing is for sure I live a full life. I wanted to fill you in on my so-called crazy life as of late.

Recently, my heart broke and I never in a million years would think this incident would phase me.

My youngest became a woman.

I wasn't sure what I was grieving for.

Was I grieving because I'm aging? I try to give thanks for each and every day that I'm on this earth.

I think mainly I was because we're moving past childhood. I was grieving for all of the sweetness that childhood brings.

Maybe I was feeling sorry for her because having to deal with a period just sucks.

I was feeling emotional for my daughter when the most beautiful thing happened. 

Our horse Stella give birth to the most beautiful black filly.

Faith was given Stella as a gift on her birthday a year ago from the barn owner.

We were told Stella was sterile.

In April, Stella was looking kind of chunky and run into the fence and tore her back up. She had to have stitches, so I told them to check to see if she was pregnant. The vet said she wasn't.

The vet also put Ms. Stella on a diet because she was getting large.

A month ago an ultrasound was done, and it was confirmed she was expecting and the baby was due in weeks.

So, she had very little prenatal care and wasn't eating enough.

We were all worried because no prenatal care was given. 

It was like waiting for a baby of mine to come but much more fun since I didn't have to give birth.

The baby was breech, but the excellent barn owner was able to help Stella.

It happened so fast Faith got to the barn right after it happened. So, she was able to witness the baby learning to stand and nurse for the first time.

I went Sunday to meet baby filly. She's so precious and fluffy. We were quite shocked that the baby was pure black since mom is white and dad is white and grey. She still could turn grey, but I hope she stays black because the contrast between mom and daughter is fantastic.

I wish we could afford another horse. I would scoop the baby right up.

My oldest went to homecoming last weekend. So much emotion in one week. 

She cut her hair off the day of the event and looked stunning.

I'm so glad she's found her tribe. She's happy.

I'm so glad the emotion from last week had passed. It was a stressful week.

On and off to my next adventure! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!



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