Top 6 Tips for Renting with Pets

There are a lot of pet-friendly apartments that offer generous accommodations. 60% of landlords allow pets, but some of them will refuse to have dogs on their property. Finding a pet-friendly apartment is not easy because it does take more time and limits your options. So, for all pet parents out there, we have put together some tips to make sure you are well prepared with your pets. 

Here are some tips and essential things you need to know about apartment renting with pets.

1. Consider the environment. When searching for your new apartment, make sure to consider the surroundings. If you have a dog, look if there’s a yard for your dog and if there are good areas nearby for walks. Ask yourself if you would feel safe walking with your dog in the neighborhood at night. These things are helpful ideas to consider before renting an apartment with pets.

2. Tell the truth. If you tell the truth to the landlord, he will be much easier to convince and more forgiving. Keep in mind that the landlord will definitely find out if you have a pet or if you have more animals than you told him. It’s better if you come out with it right away. Therefore, you will not be faced with an eviction notice or other legal ramifications for trying to keep it a secret.

3. Be responsible. Apartment renting with pets requires responsibility. Lack of responsibility will cause landlords to refuse pets on their properties. You need to show your landlord that you are responsible, so he will allow you to rent the apartment and stay as long as you want.

4. Try to introduce your pet. Before signing any documentation, try to introduce your pet to your new landlord, and that is your chance to clearly communicate who you are as a pet owner and show what your pet is like. We know that not all animals are well behaved all the time, but if you have a great pet that will surely melt the heart of the landlord, then use it to your advantage.

5. Suggest a trial period. If the landlord is not sure about allowing you to rent with your pet, you might be able to persuade him by suggesting a short-term trial period.

6. Get it in writing. If you want to rent an apartment with your pet, you will probably have to pay a bit extra when signing your lease. A verbal agreement is a good start, but you have to protect yourself and your pet by having a pet lease outlining the terms of your contract. Just make sure all the conditions that were agreed upon concerning your pet have been written up clearly and reviewed before signing. Don’t rent an apartment with your pet without signing a pet lease because you and your pet deserve legal protection, and of course, your landlord will also put him or herself at risk if you don’t have a pet agreement in place.

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