5 Mobile Home Maintenance Tips That You Shouldn’t Ignore

According to the records, there are around 2 million mobile homes (around the USA alone) that are in use today. Because of their affordability, many people now consider buying a mobile home compared to the traditional ones.

Aside from its affordability, maintaining a mobile home is less stressful as well. Because of its overall built, size and structure, doing repairs or any kind of maintenance work can be really easy.

If you live or want to live in a mobile home, there are few maintenance tips and tricks that you might find handy.

Keep Your Home Level at All Times

When your mobile home is set up for the first time, it will be leveled. But over time, you might need to checked and have it adjusted accordingly. The first sign of unlevel home are doors that start to fail to close fully, the floor begins squeaking, and cracks are beginning to show in your wall and ceiling. There are plenty of tools that you can use to keep your home level. You can also always seek professional help so that your home can be adjusted and leveled correctly.

Keep Your Mobile Home Energy Efficient

Just like any regular home, mobile homes are also prone to cracks, holes, and damages. Always set a time each and every month to inspect cracks and holes. If you start to notice small cracks or holes, immediately patch it up before it becomes a huge problem. Look for air leaks and do some caulking and weather-stripping if necessary.

Keep The Exterior Always Clean

A power washer can certainly help a lot in cleaning your home’s exterior. If you don’t know how to use one, considering hiring someone to do the job. You can also buy a power washer but make sure to read the instructions first before using it around your house. The last thing you want is to damage your home exterior or worse, injuring yourself in the cleaning process.

Use Mobile Home Friendly Materials for Home Improvement

The materials used in building a mobile home are quite different than the ones that are used in a conventional home. So if you are thinking about a minor or major home improvement, always consult a mobile home expert or professional first. Tell him or her about your plans and ask what kind of materials you can use to fulfill the project. Also, there are some home improvements that are not suitable for a mobile home. Don’t ever attempt any kind of significant changes or improvements on your mobile home without consulting the experts.

Mobile Home Fixtures

In connection with the above tip, there are also some fixtures and features of mobile homes that are way different than the traditional ones. For example, there are doorknobs and faucets that are built especially for the mobile house. If you are about to replace one fixture at your house, better to bring that fixture with you so you can check and compare it to the ones that you are about to buy.

The rise in the popularity of mobile homes is quite astonishing. With the current state of the housing economy, experts are predicting that its upward trend will continue for a few more years.

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