7 Home Maintenance Tips That Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore

Do you want to keep your home always safe and sound? Of course, the answer is a big YES! As a homeowner, you surely want your house to be in tip-top shape at all times. You want it to be damage-free and safe enough for you and your loved ones to stay inside.

And to help you reach that ultimate goal, here are some maintenance tips and advice that won’t only save your house but also save the lives of people living inside.

7 Home Maintenance Tips That Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore

Check for mice nest (or any other pest) near electric wires.

Mice love chewing things up, and that includes electrical wires. Make sure to check possible nests near your electrical wiring, A/C units and other areas of your house. Doing this tip can eliminate the risk of electrical faults and house fires.

Test basement sump pump

Basements are prone to severe flooding. When the heavy rain comes, you don’t want it to become a pool of dirty water that can damage your home’s structure. A sump pump is your first line of defense against flood so make sure to test it from time to time.

Clean window wells

Window wells are created to give your basement proper ventilation and natural light as much as possible. It also blocks away debris that could damage your window fixtures. Clean your window wells regularly and make sure that it's not filled with leaves and debris that could clog the drainage pipe (especially if rainy season is coming).

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors’ batteries

Change your smoke detectors’ batteries at least twice a year. Don’t rely too much on its low-battery warning sound or signal, you must be proactive with it. Create an alarm on your phone, so you will get reminded if it’s time for a replacement. After the replacement, make sure to use the test button to see if it’s working correctly (or if the battery is faulty).

Clean chimneys regularly

Don’t let your chimney become a threat to your home’s safety. Clean it up at least once a year and remove any build up of dust, dirt, and objects that can quickly catch fire. A dirty chimney can also create a buildup of smoke and carbon monoxide inside your house so better clean it up regularly.

Clean your gutters

A clean gutter is a must for every house. Cleaning your gutter regularly can save you from large expenses that come with roof repair and replacement. Don’t let branches of trees, leaves and other debris sit in your gutter for a prolonged period of time.

Check air filters at least once a month
If you live in an area where there is pollution or bad air quality, check cleaning or replacing your HVAC air filters regularly is a must. Aside from keeping your house fresh and pollutant free, you can save a considerable amount from your energy bill (up to 15% decrease).

Don’t ignore these tips and advice if you want your home to be safe and sound all the times. Remember to always be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to home maintenance.

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