5 Things on Friday

Happy Friday! I've been living life in full Mom Among Chaos mode. I can't wait for it to slow down just a bit. Since our summer seemed to be slightly delayed, we have been making up for the lost time. Let me fill you in.

1. We bought a new boat a week or two ago. I named her BumbleBee; she is big and a gorgeous yellow. Well, she's lovely to us. She's not new but new to us.  Our Gilligans Island boat decided she was done with us. So, we will be fixing her and putting her up for sale. We already had one adventure on Bumblebee. I really enjoyed the extra room and the swim deck. 

2. Matt had karate camp last weekend in Lansing, so we were able to spend a day with friends. We had an excellent time walking around the MSU area. 

3. Between writing, cleaning the beach house, and working with Matt, I've been insanely busy. Busy to the point that I need some boredom in my life and plan on working on it this weekend. 

4. So our actual build on the new house happens this week. The whole addition will be built in three days. Then the construction on the inside will start. Things are moving at a snail pace, but I don't care since I have plenty to do and still need to work on getting rid of stuff. I have so many feelings, and it's all hard to sort out.

5. Today, I'm heading to the chiropractor, and we're going to see Lion King. I hope its better than Aladdin. I'm looking forward to just sitting.

Here is what's new on the blog. PS. Mom Among Chaos will be moving to Wordpress, getting a facelift, and becoming Life Among Chaos!

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