10 Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

10 Ways to speed up metabolism, fit, losing weight, lifestyle, in shape, lose weight, metabolism

Sometimes our weight loss and or fat loss needs a little boost. Our bodies become accustomed to the same daily routine. My body is accustomed to the 1300 daily calories I give it, and so it's time to change things up to bump my metabolism. So, I've done some research for you! Get ready for a metabolism boost!

10 Ways to Speed up Metabolism

10 Ways to speed up metabolism, fit, losing weight, lifestyle, in shape, lose weight, metabolism

1. Change up your workout. If you're doing the same exercise over and over, you are not going to change your body. Keep things fresh, and you will also be less likely to become bored. I personally write myself a new workout after I've done the same exercise three times. Pinterest has so many beautiful ideas to keep you motivated.

2. Try mixing up your calories. If you have a cheat meal take those extra calories you spent and subtract them on a different day. For example, you ate an extra 500 calories one day. Try spicing up your metabolism and cutting 100 calories for five days. Do it any way that works for you.

3. I've read great things about intermittent fasting. When you fast, it does not have to be a 24-hour thing. It could be for 12 hours. I love to eat early and regularly will go 12 hours before my next meal. This is a significant metabolism boost, and I've read that it helps kill off bad cells in your body.

4. A while back, I decided to skip the cardio and just focus on heavyweights. This is a great way to boost your metabolism because muscle burns calories!

5. A simple trick to boost your metabolism is to drink cold water. Who else needs to drink more water daily?

6. Are you sleeping well? A night of good night sleep is incredible for your body and revs up your metabolism. Make sure you're getting enough ZZZ's.

7. Did you know that protein increases your metabolism? Not only does it help you build lean muscle, but it also gives you a much-needed boost!

8. Coffee is a magical bean! It not only gets you moving in the morning but also helps your metabolism wake up in the morning.

9. You're not going to burn calories by sitting all day. Get up and move your body! Even if it's just for a few minutes. Our bodies are meant to move!

10. Stress can do bad things to your body and affect your metabolism. Make sure you take time daily for yourself!!!



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