5 Things on Friday 7/17/2020

Grab a cup of joe and let's chit-chat. I've had a ton going on lately! So here is the lowdown of my chaotic life.

1. Faith got her driver's license yesterday. I heard someone say that SOS is so much better. Ugh, not so. Even with an appointment, the line went down the street, plus once we got inside, we had to wait in another line only to realize we forgot a document. We had to go back home and then wait in the inside line again. Of course, the first place she went in her big red truck was to get bubble tea. I think she's naming her vehicle Henrietta. 

2. I lost a bidding war on a fantastic house in Lexington. It looked like it was done by HGTV. This is the second house we've lost from someone coming along and paying over 20K above asking and cash. I guess this dude is doing it all over the sub I want in. Uh duh, why would you buy a home that won't even appraise for what you paid just to rent out? I'm not really understanding the mentality of that, especially since they will have to skyrocket their prices to do rentals. Oh well! We're discussing buying a vacant lot and building. I need a break from the emotional roller coaster. The house that I have is adorable. I just need a few extras.

3. I've been killing it on the Alexia Clark program. I've been lifting probably close to five hours a week. Seriously, she's insane. I actually found one 25 pound weight in the Target at Fort Gratiot. Seriously, I wanted two, but I took it since it was like finding a treasure right now.

4. We've been going out on the boat one to two days a week. I love it. I feel at peace when I'm out. My soul that wants to be traveling is in awe of God's natural beauty, and I'm calm. That and I sleep so well after. Poor Keira blistered her face last weekend from not wearing her sunscreen correctly. So, we need to be more careful when we go back out later.

5. I've been a little heartbroken. I just canceled my flight to Florida, and I'm canceling my Cedar Point trip. I've been just hanging with my circle. I'm not about exposing my daughter that has asthma or accidentally hurting my parents. I don't know, life is so weird right now. I'm not sure what to think. I'm glad to have a beach house and my boat. That's where I will be spending time to make up for my vacations I will be missing.



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