5 Things on Friday 11/13/2020

 Happy Friday! I usually write in the morning, so this feels odd to be sending this out in the evening. So, grab a martini, and let's catch up.

1. I've been working hard on changing my mindset on negative thoughts. I can seriously say it's made a difference all week. I've been combining this with using the "Secret" method. The Secret method is just pretty much-pretending something you want already exists. 

2. Back in September, I started a Scentsy business. I decided I need something else besides the rental house that was just mine. Honestly, I've made direct sales before with no luck. This time, it's working really well. To the point that I'm almost shocked. Anyway, I'm glad that I have my own jobs to keep me busy. This girl is not about working outside with her husband, especially when it's cold. Brr!

3. I've spent many of my weekends in Lexington for the last month, getting my new beach house ready for rentals. I LOVE that this house is so much bigger and cozy. I also have storage space with a garage and two sheds, so I won't be lugging tons of stuff when I clean. Did I mention I finally have a washer/dryer and a dishwasher? So, much better. This house and area have a totally different vibe, though. I went from a house with an awesome water view, quiet, and the party street to something completely different. The Nauti House is closer to the road, but the beach is so much better. I will have insulation blown in and new windows to help soundproof in the next week or two.

4. Girl days are the best! Earlier this week, I went out to lunch and shopping with one of my besties. We had such a fabulous day!!!

5. I had a busy week. I put my youngest daughter back into public school. The paperwork and the running consumed most of my days this week. She seems so happy to be back. The homeschool program just wasn't working for her.



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