Chihuahua Nuggets and Other Small Gifts

I'm lucky that I get to get away on occasion with my girlfriends.  When I come home I never know what I'm going to find.  I'm the anal Mom, that has to have everything in order and scheduled to the minute.  If my schedule is off you will find me with Medusa hair, and horns growing out of my skull. Patience is something that I lack, in a big way.

So, I come home late and I'm too tired to care and crash.  I get up with the normal morning chaos, of showering and getting the girls ready for school. My first gift I discover in my downstairs bathroom.  Slobbery, vampire teeth that look like they have been chewed and spit out, just laying on my sink. Did my kids discover that the taste of vampire teeth are disgusting?  Is this a news flash?  Remember those plastic teeth that people use to eat?  Gag me with a spoon.  I would like to proudly let you know I wasn't one of those gross kids.

After my discovery in the bathroom I make my way to the great room.  I start wondering if my kids dropped chocolate on the floor.  I bend down to pick it up and discover Sophie the Chihuahua has left some nuggets.  I thought I was going to hurl.  My cleanliness compulsion kicking in over load.  I didn't find one nugget, but 3.  How did my husband  not notice that our tan carpet had nuggets on it.  Really?

I really did not appreciate the small gifts left for me.  Except the one from my daughter which was three Halloween sized pieces of Whoppers, with a card telling me how cute I am, all wrapped neatly in a old Nesquick container.  Now that is love.



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