Dear Sushi Guy

Wednesday, is usually my grocery shopping day.  I usually reward myself with sushi, for my hard work at the grocery store.  You see I don't just shop.  I take time to stop and help older people.  I had some lady in a motorized scooter drop her ad about three times.  After, the third time she told me to just leave it on the ground.  Yes, my good deed was done.

I was bummed when I arrived at the sushi counter to see only California Rolls.  I asked the Sushi guy to make me a crunchy roll.  He started speaking in his native tongue.  What is a girl to do, but smile and nod her head.  Thankfully he was making my crunchy roll and my smile not only got me extra crunchy things, but extra ginger.

Sushi guy, this entry is dedicated to you.  You made my day with the extra yummy goodness that comes along with the crunchy roll.  So, I will see you next week, same time, same place.  

PS. I have to burn calories in my yoga class before I visit.  



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