Little Ms. Giggles

We have been teaching Keira how to play Uno Attack.  We just let her keep her cards flat, so we can all see them and teach her as we go.

If you have ever played Uno Attack, you know it spits cards at you.  You sometimes can be lucky enough to pick up twenty plus cards.  Keira is a hoot when we play.  As soon as she sees a hit fire, or a hit two she starts shaking all over and laughing like a hyena.  It is so cute.  She also gets really excited when she gets lots of cards.  She just about rolls over laughing.

Here is a picture of Little Ms. Giggles, as you can see she gets into striking a pose.

Anyways, I'm in love with playing Uno with her.  Laughter is really contagious.  When she starts giggling, I can't help but smile.  She makes our game night full of fun.



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