South Pointe School Mayor

The girls have some interesting conversations in the car when I drive them to school.

The other morning the girls, Faith, Keira, and Faith's best friend were discussing getting the student of the month award.

Faith's friend inquired why would she possibly want to win the student of the month, because it's just a piece of paper.

  Faith proceeded to tell her that it meant more than just a piece of paper.

It was kind of like becoming the Mayor of the school.  Even though it was just paper, it made you feel important.

I asked Faith why she deserved the award.

"Mom, this month at school the moral is gratitude.  My cheek muscles hurt from smiling all day, because I'm showing gratitude all month long."

"So, you should win because you have been smiling at everyone?" I asked.

"Yes, I should win because of that." Answered Faith.

I was cracking up at this point.  About her wanting to be Mayor due to her constant smiling.

I was quite proud that Faith wasn't about winning a prize, but just wanted to be recognized for her smiling skills.  

Oh, she is so funny.  To be nine again. ;)    



  1. It's so funny you wrote about Faith & her smiling. I volunteer at the school on Fridays in the media center (aka. library). When it was Katelyn's classes' time, the librarian commented about how smiley Katelyn always is. She was so excited that I saved a Diary of a Wimpy kid book for her.


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