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2014 Performers: The new, old favorites, and the Shrine Balloon Dash
This year’s circus offers great traditional acts like Rick Wallenda’s high wire performance, together with favorites like Erika Zerbini elephant and horse show, and new appearances by Juergen and Judit Nerger’s tiger act, Robert and Gabriella Zerbini’s sword balancing, juggling, and trapeze act; and the Dragomir Troupe teeterboard and perch pole routine. Keeping it all together, on time and in the center ring is a Detroit favorite, Richard Curtis, the singing ringmaster. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Detroit Shrine Circus without the famous Shrine Clown Unit “Balloon Dash.” 
Here’s more about this year’s performances:

  • Rick Wallenda, “The World Famous Wallendas”: The grandson of Karl Wallenda will return with  the great daredevil tradition on the high wire. One of the famous circus families of all time, the Wallendas have thrilled Detroiters with aerial mastery for years. Rick Wallenda has performed worldwide throughout his 40-year career, and on more than one occasion participated in recreating his family’s classic seven-person pyramid. As the family patriarch, he leads this troupe to each destination as his grandfather once led the original group.

  • Juergen and Judit Nerger: Expert trainers of tigers and bears for more than 30 years, Juergen and Judit Nerger have worked under some of the most famous wild animal trainers in Europe, including Oscar Sperluch, Ursula Boettcher, and Francesco Capril. The Nergers have worked with the German State Circus in Eastern Germany and Russia, and with the Circus Probst in Germany, Austria, Poland and France. They won first prize in the 1996 Massy Festival in France. In 2000 and 2001 the Nergers were featured in the Russian State Circus in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
  • Erika Zerbini: A ninth generation circus performer, Erika Zerbini has thrilled Detroit audiences in the past with her elegant exhibition of equestrian artistry. At 27 years old, Ms. Zerbini is one of the youngest and most talented liberty horse and elephant trainers in the world. Her parents, Tarzan Zerbini, world famous lion and tiger trainer, and Lisi Bauer, aerialist on trapeze and sway poles, have nurtured their daughter’s love of animals and natural grace. 

  • The Dragomir Troupe: Established in 1996 by the State Circus of Bucharest, by Nicu Dragomir, third-generation Romanian circus performer, the Dragomir Troupe performs the teeterboard and Perch Pole. The high-flying teeterboard group of eight acrobats feature two gymnasts who are catapulted to heights of more than 20 feet. The troupe received first place at the Holland Circus Festival in 2004, second place at the Circus Festival in Massy, France and second at Spain’s Mondial Circus Festival. The troupe also performs a perch pole act.
  • Robert and Gabriella Zerbini: Robert Zerbini, cousin of the Detroit Shrine Circus producer Tarzan Zerbini, came to the United States in 1967 as a bareback horse rider. He was trained in Europe in nearly all of the circus disciplines and together with  wife Gabriella Alexis brings a sword balancing, juggling, and trapeze act to Detroit. Gabriella received the gold medal at the International Circus Competition in Mexico City. The sword balancing and juggling, in pirate attire, are new to this Zerbini act. 
    The "mini-me" clowns in the photo are Piolita's children.
  • Piolita the clown: The Argentinian Videla family presents a classic European-style clown, Piolita, in an audience-engaging, hilarious display of clowning. The show includes Piolita’s “mini-me” sons and a family unicycle act featuring wife Guillermina. Piolita and Guillermina also work behind the scenes as circus choreographers.
  • Richard Curtis: In the spotlight and behind the scenes, Richard Curtis is the glue that keeps the Zerbini circus together. A decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps, having served in the Persian Gulf War, Curtis has developed into one of the most sought-after ringmasters in North America. His varied professional musical and theatrical experiences range from a rhythm and blues band to musical theater and illusionist. Curtis travels with wife Kimberly, who is developing a dog act, and three children, training to ride motorcycles in a globe routine. 
  • Moslem Shriners Clown Unit: Led this year by Ron Buckner (a.k.a. Sunshine), the famous Detroit Shrine Circus clowns will offer the traditional balloon dash to open the circus and an original skit during the show. The Detroit unit was the first Shrine clown group to have an act in the center ring of a circus and remain among the leading clown units in the nation. These clowns not only give their time throughout this circus, but also perform at the Shrine Circus in Flint and Toledo, as well as visit schools and other events.
The circus is a family affair. Several members of the troupe bring their children, who are homeschooled, on the road. Richard Curtis, the ringmaster, takes a particular interest in homeschooling his young ones. 
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