BigMouth Inc. Garden Gnome Review

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I was scanning the internet one day for some excellent lawn decor for my new home and I came across BigMouth Inc. on Amazon. I immediately fell head over heels in love. I LOVE to laugh and I adored Big Mouth's cool designs.

I loved the gnome ninja because my husband is so close to receiving his black belt in Sanchin-Ryu. Of course, when he saw it my husband received a huge kick out of it. I took him out of the box long enough to grab some photos and then wrapped him back up because ninja gnome makes the perfect Father's Day gift!!
The cute little guy above melted my heart in a million pieces. Isn't he adorable? Every time, I open my patio door and see my new lawn decorations from BigMouth Inc. it brings a smile to my face along with a giggle or snort.

The lawn ornaments are tall and very well made. So, I'm sure they will last us a long time.

Would I recommend BigMouth Inc. products? Yes, it is a fun, creative company. You can pick up your very own garden gnome massacre or ninja garden gnome on Amazon because I'm not sharing mine.



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