The Battle Of The Stomach Flu

Saturday night my youngest came down with the stomach flu.  We were up all night holding her hair and cleaning carpet because she missed the garbage can next to her bed.  Keira is sensitive to dairy, so at first I just thought she had too much dairy that day.

The next night my husband ended up with it.  He was acting like he was dying.  He was moaning and groaning, so I had the bright idea of going to have a slumber party with Faith.  I had been asleep about an hour when hers started.  So now, we had three down with it.

I had to put my Super Mommy cape on and clean up after three incredibly sick people, while fighting exhaustion.  I was up for the challenge because this is when I shine.  I love to take care of people.

By Tuesday, they all were still not feeling well.  I decide since hubby was home that I would go hang at Target.  I need to go pick up Frozen anyways.  So, I gallantly trotted through Target while sipping Starbucks as slow as possible.  Ignoring the fatigue and back pain.  I wasn't ready to go back.
Do you like how I inserted the Jaws music?  Yes, I was heading back to the infested shark tank.

I was seriously losing it, but had to laugh about it.  You can choose to laugh or you can choose to cry.  Matt was cracking me up.  You would think he hit the lottery with the stomach flu.  Between bathroom trips, I could hear the scale dinging.  Really?  You feel like death and getting on the scale is so important?

You see we are going to our time share in Florida in less than two weeks.  So, we were in a time crunch to shed our last few pounds.

So, his enthusiasm was cracking me right up.

The youngest had already been sick a few days and still couldn't keep anything down.  I ended up rushing her to urgent care.  They gave her these magical little pills to get rid of nausea and vomiting.  They told me they gave me way to0 many.   I was feeling kind of odd and just started praying that I didn't get it while sitting at urgent care.

Later that night, I came down with it.  I took one of my daughters pills and didn't end up hurling but had other issues.  I had secretly made fun of my oldest daughter and Matt for acting like they were dying.  My daughter kept on yelling, "Dial 911, I am dying".

Ugh, I had to eat my words.  I seriously felt like I was going to die.  The body aches were intense.  For 24 hours I was out of it.

I survived.  I felt Gloria Gaynor playing in my head.  I had come out victorious.  Yep, 5 pounds gone and I could see all of my hard earned muscle.
My youngest didn't have it quite so easy.  She has been ill for a whole week.  Finally, she is starting to feel better and get back to her feisty self.

It's time for a Crystal disclosure.  Yes, some of the weight came right back because you know I had to eat and drink to survive.  But my muscles are still peeking through.  Florida, here comes Mommy's muscles.  I crack myself up.



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