Family-Friendly Night in Detroit

The GMRENCEN partnered with me for this post. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

My husband was away for the weekend, so my girls and I decided to go on a family-friendly night in Detroit.  We had a blast, and I'm going to fill you in for when you plan your next adventure!

Family-Friendly Night in Detroit

I've stayed at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center once before. I went home knowing that I would love to visit again and bring my family. Since hubby was away at karate, my oldest brought her friend. We loaded up in the mini-van, and we were off. 

I knew my girls would FLIP out when they saw the view of Detroit from the GMRENCEN. It's something spectacular to behold. When we were advised we were on the 62nd floor, you should have seen the smiles on their faces. I made them count to three before they took in the view!

I guess here they're pretending to act out the scene from Titanic. So silly!

The GMRENCEN reminds me of a big mall. I was so thankful they were with me. 

The first thing on the agenda was dinner inside the GMRENCEN at Granite City. My girls had never experienced this restaurant before, and one of them is super picky when it comes to food, so I figured it would be an excellent place to visit since they have something for everyone.

We had a pleasant dining experience at Granite City. We all enjoyed our food, and the service was excellent. Our waiter was prompt and attentive!

My family LOVES music. I believe we have been to seven concerts this summer. Since 2006 the GMRENCEN has been hosting the Chevrolet Rockin' On the Riverfront. Each summer these concerts are FREE to the public. Close to one million people have enjoyed warm summer nights on the riverfront plaza and by boat!

We heard three bands play. The first was the "My Kid Rocks!" winners Austin Kucken, Nik Kaljaj, Mat Kaljaj, and Austin Hart. They're from the ages of 13-15 years old. By far they were my favorite of the evening. They felt like superstars! They also played some excellent music! When they walked off the stage, they had their family waiting for them. It was a proud parenting moment, and I loved it!

Next up was Mob Opera. Mob Opera is a local band that has been together for over 12 years. It was a HUGE deal for them to be playing at the Chevrolet Rockin' On the Riverfront. Their excitement was contagious.

The main act of the night was Little River Band. Little River Band has lots of hits, but this Australian band was known for the song Lady!

On the way back to our room from the concert, we decided to take a peek at GM World. Detroit has been the home to General Motors for 93 years. I bet you know someone that has worked for General Motors or Chevrolet. My dad is retired from the company, so I grew up knowing about cars.

At GM World there are tons of cars on display. I thought the LEGO truck was super cute. They even had a polka-dot car, which I loved. Detroit definitely is the Motor City! 

My favorite part of our family-friendly night in Detroit was the nighttime view from our room in the GMRENCEN. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was breathtaking, seeing the city all lit up and alive. I sat in the dark and admired Detroit in its glory for hours. My kids wanted to sleep with the curtains open, so they could take it in. So beautiful!

I would HIGHLY recommend planning a family-friendly night at the GMRENCEN with your family. I felt safe in Detroit with my kids. We had a blast. The GMRENCEN is something you need to do at least once. I would, without a doubt, get a Riverview room again. I'm even thinking of planning a romantic getaway with my husband. 

Our family-friendly night in Detroit was a blast!



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