Places Not to Take Your Sweetheart on Valentine's Day

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That special day is just around the corner. Some guys are completely clueless in the romance department. So, I decided to make a list of where not to take your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Now, if you are a teenager and severely lack funds, I will turn a blind eye. To the grown men of the world, please don't be this guy. Seriously, treat your lady with a little class and respect.

Guys, what woman in her right mind wants to devour a slider on Valentine's Day? I think if my husband told me this is where we were going that I would refuse to get out of the car.  My question to the men is why not a nice home cooked meal? If you're a lady that just loves White Castle, or maybe you were odd enough to get married there, that's all good, but save it for another day. A slider can wait!

Taking your love to Hooters for Valentine's is totally inappropriate. Let me be the first to say that I've eaten there numerous times. I really like the fried pickles, but would I be happy going there on the holiday of love? Umm, no. If you've never experience Hooters, it's a sports bar with scantily dressed waitresses. A little eye candy for the men on Valentine's Day? Only if you want to be sleeping in the dog house for the next year.

Dunkin Donuts has a special Valentine's Day menu. Who doesn't love donuts for breakfast? I would like to be pampered with donuts for breakfast, but guys no getting all cheap and trying to make it a dinner thing. Dunkin Donuts is perfectly fine for breakfast or an after dinner treat.

Finally, nothing says love like telling your date to super size it, since you're treating. Yes, we are talking about McDonald's. A bunch of them are offering linen covered tables with even roses on your table for the special day. Unless you're under the age of 15, this is not a good idea. And those that are under 15 better be treating their parents, since they are too young to date in my book. Men, not a good idea! Those craving a Big Mac with fries can wait another day. 

This list is not limited to the above places. Common sense is needed! Treat your sweetheart like a million bucks, and she will probably do the same for you.



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