Whirl-O Toy Review

Disclosure: I recieved a Whirl-O to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given. The following opinions are 100% my own. Full Policy here
The Whirl-O® is a fun toy for all ages. It teaches kids about magnets, light and color, and wheel and axle. It's educational, fun, and addictive to play! It's one of those toys you find yourself picking up and getting lost in.
Do you remember this toy from when you were a kid? My 17 year old son remembers playing with one in elementary school. It's like a yoyo crossed with a top. It comes with an instruction booklet that explains about launching the top. 
My 17 yr. old & 12 yr. old trying it out.
This would be a good item for home schooling, teachers, or anyone who likes fidget toys. Get lesson plans here. Order one now to have on hand for a gift. It really is a great toy for every age. 
My 8 year old loves the Whirl-O.
My youngest child would not put this toy down. She says it is cool and fun. Fortunately, she still shares it with her siblings, but you may want to order one for each of your kids. My husband and I even took turns playing with it. 

Whirl-o is a fun, new toy coming back to the market through a Kickstarter campaign. You can order one for $8, two for $15, or order for your whole classroom. Hurry, this offer ends in less than 2 weeks.



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