Stitch Fix #13

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It has been two months since my last Stitch Fix box. I decided to make this one my Mother's Day gift. I asked my stylist for clothing to make me feel beautiful. I had been feeling rough lately since we just moved and I haven't had time for too much. Somehow, my stylist had read my old note asking for clothing for Florida. I had gone on vacation and come back, but it worked out because I need summer clothing more than anything else. This month I had a different stylist, her name is Erica.

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a styling service. When you request a box, the stylist will look at your Pinterest board, that you will set up, to find out your personal style. The stylist picks out five pieces to send you. The five pieces are to update your wardrobe and get you to step out of your "regular" style box. The cool part is you can try on the clothing in the comfort of your home and keep them for up to three days. If you end up purchasing nothing, you only pay a $20 styling credit. If you buy any of the items, the $20 styling credit is applied to your purchase. If you buy the entire box, you receive a 25% discount. The best deal is when you keep the whole box.

Pixley Peeves Halter Top & Dear John Lillie Cuffed Denim Short
Let me first say don't mind the carpet and walls. We just moved in, and I need to pull up the hall carpet and paint. With that being said, let's move on to the goodies. I'm always in need of everyday clothing. I have a dress addiction and would buy nothing but dresses during the summer. In reality, I don't wear them that often. I fell in love with the Pixley top. I loved the neckline on it. It was slightly big around my arms, but it didn't show anything, so I kept it. The Dear John shorts weren't too tight nor too short. Now that I'm older I like body parts a little more covered. I wasn't a huge fan of showing this much of my legs, but I loved the look. I kept both the shorts and top. Good job, Erica!

Dolce Vita Jasmyn Lace-Up Gladiate Sandal
I wasn't sure about these because my feet swell so bad, but I soon discovered that they match everything. You could even wear these with a dress, and they look great. I decided they were essential to update my spring/summer look. Plus, they were padded and comfy.

Adrianna Papell Devorah Dress
As soon as I saw this dress I was in love. I love anything red, white, and blue. This dress looked great but felt a little stiff. Also, I have a few others just like it. I loved the red zipper in the back. It totally made this dress fun. I ended up selling it to another Stitch Fix member on a group. One hot dress!

Collective Concepts Ali V-neck Dress
I had wanted a floral dress because I see floral everywhere. I thought this dress was a little too bold for me. I wasn't a fan of the flowers and the colors. Also, not a big fan of the style. I ended up keeping this one because it paid for itself but it's up for sale. If anyone is interested, it's $75 shipped. It's size small. It should fit a size 4 and 6. The US only!

I was euphoric with this box. I didn't receive anything that I hated. It was all fun to try on for a mini fashion show. I scheduled my next box for the end of May.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What is your favorite item I received?

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