Stitch Fix #14

This blog post contains affiliate links.
This blog post contains affiliate links so I can continue my love for Stitch Fix.
For Stitch Fix #14, I asked for summer clothes. I was sort of disappointed in this fix. I just now received the jeans I had requested months ago. Well hello, summer is here now. Also, I felt that some of the clothes looked like an older lady's style. Given I am forty, but I work hard to stay in shape and look young.

What is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a styling service. When you request a box, the stylist will look at your Pinterest board, that you will set up, to find out your personal style. The stylist picks out five pieces to send you. The five pieces are to update your wardrobe and get you to step out of your "regular" style box. The cool part is you can try on the clothing in the comfort of your home and keep them for up to three days. If you end up purchasing nothing, you only pay a $20 styling credit. If you buy any of the items, the $20 styling credit is applied to your purchase. If you purchase the entire box, you receive a 25% discount. The best deal is when you keep the whole box.
Skies Are Blue Napoli Halter Top
After peeking on the Stitch Fix app, I was fairly positive that I was going to hate EVERYTHING. Well, I was wrong. I liked this top. It fit perfectly, and I love the bright orange in the design. In this photo, my daughter caught me in a sassy pose! I ended up keeping this shirt.

Kut From The Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean
In another Stitch Fix box, I received these jeans in a size six. They were comfy, but I felt I could go down one size. I don't know why, but I've been afraid to size down. Months ago, I asked to try a size four petite. The size 4 fit me so much better than the six, but the petite was short and only hit my ankles. I wasn't going to keep them at first, but I decided that I adored them rolled up. I ended up keeping these. I love them with the top.

DV8 Jovie Two Strap Slide Sandal
I'm not a big fan of gold. I hated these shoes. They looked like granny slip-on shoes and made my feet look swollen and huge. Plus, the shoes had zero padding and lacked support, which sucked because they were over priced. I sent them back.

Loveappella Andris Slit Shoulder Knit Top
I liked that this top was fitted and I love the cold-shoulder look. I thought this was a great everyday top like I had asked for. With that being said, I did not love the top, and I already own another shirt just like it. So, I sent it back.

Dear John Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short
All I could think about is that I had old lady shoes and shorts on. I thought these were too frumpy for me. Also, I hated that they paired pink shorts with the navy top and gold shoes. It totally did not go together. I sent these back, too.

Overall I was bummed about this box but pleasantly surprised that I loved the first outfit. My next box is due in July. I asked for a sexy outfit for a concert that I'm planning on attending. 

Are you ready for your first Stitch Fix box? What item(s) do you like that I received?

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